May 7, 2021

Let’s Talk Mental Health

Virtual Community Forum

May 15

10:00-3:00 PDT

No Cost Event

About this event:

Have you been feeling sad and don’t know why?

Was 2020 just more than you could handle?

Would you like to share and speak with peers and professionals who might be able to help or just connect with people experiencing the same emotions?

2020 has been a difficult year for many who were seeking help, treatment, or just someone to hug and talk to. Talking to our families is not always the best option. We are afraid of the stigma, shame, and lack of awareness. Because of COVID-19, many were experiencing great unexpected losses.

This event will empower you to promote awareness of mental health and bring clarity, ease, and calmness during unprecedented times.

This is an invitation to join the community and help create a better tomorrow – a tomorrow where you can receive assistance to take control of your own Mental Well-Being.

Join the ‘Let’s Talk Mental Health Forum’ and receive guiding support in mental health.

If you need hope, and your we would like for you to share your compassion, leadership, and expertise with the people who needs your help.

“Let’s Talk Mental Health Forum” will be held on May 15th. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, but we know that this a year-long, lifelong illness for most. Let’s Do Our Part to BREAK the Stigma. Our minority communities are our target audience for this event. These communities have suffered disproportionately during the 2020 pandemic and have been severely underserved as a community.

The reason for this disparity lies somewhere between “This is something we just don’t talk about”. “We don’t discuss our problems with anyone else”. “Needing emotional or mental help is the sign of a weak mind just, SUCK IT UP”. Or the dreaded if you need help you must be “CRAZY”.

Topics for the event:

  • Surviving Cultural Trauma
  • Double Trouble
  • Hemp Happy
  • Living Beyond Broken in Peace not Pieces
  • Life after Domestic Violence
  • Curiosity Can Release Panic, Anxiety, and Depression
  • Embracing your Mompreneur Super Powers … and many more.

We will work in partnership with mental health professionals from NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) of Sacramento. They will be there to answer questions and to share their services and how they can help.

If you would like to Share or are a professional Practitioner please contact me for more information about ‘Let’s Talk Mental Health Forum’, Please contact me at or schedule an appointment at or 916-899-1788. This is a community NO Cost Virtual Event so come, share, and connect.