Post Pandemic DeFrag:

Wholistic Wellness in Chaotic Times

Course Kicks Off January 23, 2023

Wholistic approaches to wellness to Defraggle Your Life

6 week course, participate at your pace includes, videos, course materials, support and accountability

6 modules on MIND, BODY and SOUL

Strategies & tools to defrag in chaotic times

Finding center & increased awareness

Grounding practices for mindfulness, meditation, meaningful mantras

Rituals for self healing, empowerment & improved sleep

Signs that it's time for change.

  • Your nerves are jacked.
  • You experience highs & lows in your mood.
  • You struggle with getting motivated to take your next steps in life and in work.
  • You procrastinate and self sabotage so that those next steps seem oh, so far away.
  • You are blocked, creatively or otherwise.
  • You are unable to slow down.
  • You are easily triggered.
  • You are in pain, physically or emotionally

Let's Explore Wholistic Healing

It's time to rest, nourish, explore and get inspired. The Defrag Your Life course is about working towards your whole and complete self despite adversity. Yes We Can!

What's Included?

This is a self-paced, supported curriculum for mind, body and soul!

Six weeks of content to be completed at your own pace

Videos, articles and exercises will all be provided.

Trouble-shooting with Erika

2 x 30 minute laser coaching sessions spread out over the 6 weeks to touch in, troubleshoot and be supported

Weekly de-fraggle group sessions 

Experiential sessions to move through those blocks

Course content

The Wholistic Approach 


2 Modules


Defrag the Trauma and Drama


2 Modules

  • Intrinsic Movement for Healing & Bliss
  • Somatic practices for sanity and continued defrag
  • Gentle movement protocols to increase flexibility, creativity,  


  • healing sounds from Hasan Bakr, percussionist/vocalist
  • cello music to create with from Bob Marsh


2 Modules

  • Practice of Here & Now
  • Breathing exercises, 
  • Vocalizations
  • Open up pathways for more energy & improved mood.


2 Modules

  • Tools to practice presence with self and other.
  • Reality testing: feedback on you and your birthing projects
  • Gestalt therapy group practices to connect and increase awareness
  • Communication tools to enliven and enrich.  


2 Modules

  • Touch tools for massage mastery as the giver/receiver
  • 3 videos:  massage for solo persons
  • Massage for duos/ dyads
  • Trouble shooting persnickety spots
  • Get embodied, as in let's get some ease and flow in the body


2 Modules

  • Prayer Ceremony (future video) 
  • Create prayer songs, poems and offerings to heal and name manifest the future

Benefits of Defragglement

Sleep Better

We know that better sleep helps, umm, everything. But sometimes we don't know how to get there.

Experience Grace and Gratitude

It's a two way street with benefits on both sides.

Bring Flow to Tight Areas

Physical ease, mental ease.

Ignite Creativity

Stimulate your mind and ignite your senses


  • Recording of Make Some Noise Women’s Day Summit with 8 featured key note speakers.
  • Body Joy e-book
  • Healing Cards
  • Self Care Bingo
  • Coloring Sheets to slow down with
  • Newsletter Archive of Topics
  • Deep discounts on upcoming retreats 
  • Guest speakers share healing modalities


Triathlon coach

"It was the height of the pandemic and I hadn’t had a massage in months. Erika led a couples massage class (over Zoom) and it was fantastic! Not only was it just what we needed, but Erika’s knowledge and excellent teaching made the class fun and informative. I’m excited for her new classes and can’t wait to participate in person."

About Erika

Erika Gimbel has been inspiring healing possibilities for over 20 years!  She is a CA licensed psychotherapist (MFT), with her garden office in Oakland CA.  She is a NY State Licensed Massage Therapist since 1999.  She has been committed to Wholistic Approaches to Wellness since participating in a college living & learning program for 2 years (way back in the early 90’s.) 
Erika has worked with people with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological degenerative conditions to bring ease, flow and creativity to their lives.  Born in Pittsburgh, PA and raised in New York.  Erika lived in Burlington Vermont for 7 years and started gardening and farming the land, when it was not frozen. (short growing season!)  
Erika has been creating lots of mischief in this unusual time:  She created weekly podcasts, movement healing called Intrinsic Movement for Bliss & Healing and joy filled, creativity workshops called Crouching Tiger Hidden Artist, as well as powerful summits during the pandemic.  

What Are You Waiting For?