Wholistic   Therapy

Your body offers a wealth of powerful information, if you know how to listen to it. There is an intrinsic honesty within the body. It’s a beautiful place to begin. Erika uses traditional and non-traditional methods to help you slow down and listen to your own body, to breathe deeply, to slow your mind, and to hear what your body is saying.

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People Are Talking

I feel like I'm in sync with the class and what’s occurring.  It’s a process that’s working and I’m receiving the benefit of it.  It’s nice to check in with the class participants and check in and be social and feel others energies, emotions and what they are noticing too. Perspectives and opinions on what’s happening in others creative processes.

I am opening up to my own possibilities.

Theresa Z // Crouching Tiger Hidden Artist

Erika has contagious enthusiasm. Erika's lessons are to the point and enlightening. Erika is always adding value to our workshops and individual lives. She's a brilliant thought leader.

Alexia P // Crouching Tiger Hidden Artist

The world is brighter, there’s a lot to learn.  I found out things about myself.  I know I need to learn more about myself.  I look for more to learn about the world and myself. 

Annie F // Crouching Tiger Hidden Artist

About Erika.

Erika Gimbel is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and holds an MA from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She is also a graduate of the Hakomi Institute of California and has an extensive background in massage therapy.

In addition to working with people who have illness, pain and trauma, She also counsels individuals, couples and teenagers who grapple with a variety of issues or who wish to use therapy as an avenue for personal growth and fulfillment. Her wholistic approach to healing draws on her experience of the body and mind as a dynamic integrated system in constant relationship with its environment. She provides a safe space in which you might grow and expand your experience of life.

Erika empowers people to make choices that are fulfilling and healthy, and inspires participants to develop a greater sense of aliveness and joy.  

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