August 11, 2022

Crouching Tiger Hidden Healer

When was the last time you got a massage?

I mean a serious professional massage from a CMT or LMT, or some version of somatic therapy professional? And when you received that massage, what did it cost?  How often do you receive a massage treatment? If you had all the money in the world how often would you get a massage treatment?

For many it’s been a long, long while.  And that usually means on a physical, emotional, spiritual & even psychic level, there is a build up of tension, debris build up, that would best go back into circulation in the rest of the organism.

True that:

Times are quite stressful. 

Prices are going up.

Covid pandemic lingers on. 

We see a great need to get some touch and massage repertoire dialed in so that we can decrease stress, increase ease, grace, reset nerves and nervous system.

The effects of good touch are profound & manifold:  There are several different energy bodies, be it physical, emotional, spiritual or even psychic realms.  You can tap in and effect each of these bodies to have overall wellness, grounding and peace. Massage supports ones breathing into parts of the body that have been tightened.  Massage creates a fabulous regulatory slow down to ones jacked up nervous system!  Just to get off of our devices and into this presence is such a present.  Have a fresh perspective on the old issues, by changing one’s physical state.  

What if the very people who you you are around regularly could offer some version of a massage treatment?  

Would you make the time to practice fabulous techniques that are profound for both the giver and the receiver?

I will be holding an in person(!) event on Sunday August 28 in the event space at Sports Basement 2727 Milvia Street, Berkeley.

There are 2 sessions 11:00-1:30 and 2:30-5:00.

You can come to either or both (discounted registration costs if you sign up for both).

Value of connecting with loved ones and learning healing practices for your mind and body? Priceless

Actual Investment: 47.00 for 1 session, 77.00 for both.